About Rootstown Reindeer Farm

. Owners Memaw and PawPaw Claus happily manage the farm for both the day to day activities as well as any special events.  While they do most of the work, they do have themselves some special helpers on the side worth mentioning such as their tech elf Sparkles Fuzzwizard.

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These two lookers are Ollie and Oscar; our beloved reindeer.

Oscar (who looks like his father) is the big brother of the reindeer boys. He was born on a wonderful farm in Wisconsin. He loves to eat his grains, take long naps, and get lots of neck scratches from PawPaw.


Ollie, being the younger brother of the reindeer boys, was born on the same wonderful farm in Wisconsin as his brother. He favors his reindeer mama & Memaw at his forever home. He loves graham crackers, neck snuggles, and Memaw kisses.


These sassy little furballs are Doodle-Bug and Reisling.

Doodle-Bug is an Anatolian Shepard rescued after being feral. He is sweet and loves being petted, cuddled, and hugged.

Riesling is a grand dame, rescued in Illinois outside of Chicago. She had roamed the fields of Kentucky but has been with us since 2014. She loves people, cheese, and sassy poses in pictures.

Hey! Or should we say… HAY! Let’s talk about bunnies! Here at Rootstown Reindeer Farm we have 6 beautiful funny bunnies. All came from a rescue in New Jersey, friend of the farm Tribbles Rabbit Rescue.

Each bun has a distinct personality and we have 2 fluffles (or as we like to say, cozy couples) Cotton and Cricket as well as Eva and Zsa Zsa The Adorbsisters.

Old man Honeybun is the elder bun and a confirmed bachelor.

Kringle is our newest bun and will be doing most of the tours and bunny visits.

We can’t wait for you to mee them and learn about our domesticated house bunnies.

A Venue For fun Reindeer times with Mrs. Claus

Events Held

A delightful little farm with a surprising amount of love and magic within. The Rootstown Reindeer Farm is both spacious and cozy depending on which part of the farm you enjoying. Rootstown Reindeer Farm also adapts it’s events for Halloween and Christmas as the seasons progress providing even more fun and magic for the fall and winter seasons.


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