Technical Difficulties

When the magic can’t be found and sadness ensues.

 The website is currently pouting which, as some may noticed, has led to some booking issues. Here is some information about it.

What is going on?
Well, long story short? The website is pouting. What that means currently, is that while booking is available… the booking software isn’t being particularly cooperative which is leading to a notable problem of the calendar isn’t loading (which prevents you from completing booking).

What can be done about this?
The complete solution is that the tech guy (Hi!) actually does his job and fixes the issues… and that is the goal… BUT FOR NOW! We have some possible “solutions” to allow you to book. They are as follows:

  • Try a different browser. For example, chrome instead of the samsung browser? (Or safari for you apple fans.)
  • If in chrome, you can try incognito mode. Samsung browser has secret mode. Most browsers these days have some form of incognito mode.
  • Try using a laptop/desktop for booking.
  • Trying using the “desktop site” setting in your browser for the more advanced phone users.

What should I do if all of that fails and I still can’t book? Or if I just don’t know how to do all that?
Firstly, it’s perfectly alright if all of these steps are too much for you. Technology is unwieldy for some and that’s okay. 

The walking portion of the tour is about 30-40 minutes leaving 20-30 minutes to shop, take pictures and enjoy some hot cocoa. We ask that folks watch for the next group when they head back to the Christmas barn and take their leave. The whole time on the farm is about an hour. This way, every family gets to have their time on the farm. Remember, you don’t want to end up on the naughty list.

If someone wakes up ill, or you find yourself in an emergency situation, we allow last minute cancellations the day of, for those specific circumstances. We will then try and rebook you if at all possible. All other cancellations will need to be made 48 hours in advance, in order to receive a refund. If you do not contact us to cancel and do not show up for your scheduled tour, we will thank you profusely for your generous donation to the Rootstown Reindeer Farm.

As many of you know, Memaw is retired nurse and wants everyone on the farm to be healthy and happy. We ask that you stay in your reservation group, social distance from folks you do not know, and wash your hands. We will have hand sanitizer available at several stations, this is also to prevent cross contamination from one animal to the next. Since this an outdoor tour, within your bubble we will not be requiring masks. We ask for kindness, compassion and understanding if someone needs to be careful for their health. For some children and older adults getting any virus can be dangerous.

Do you allow pets or service animals on the farm?
Both pets and service animals are NOT permitted on the farm. ADA.GOV states “If admitting service animals would fundamentally alter the nature of a service or program, service animals may be prohibited. At a zoo, service animals can be restricted from areas where the animals on display are the natural prey or natural predators of dogs, where the presence of a dog would be disruptive, causing the displayed animals to behave aggressively or become agitated.” Because our animals free-range on all areas of the farm, and because the presence of outside animals severely disrupts our reindeer herd, it is for the safety of our guests we ask that your animals do not join you during a farm tour.